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Rules for American Association of University Women writing contest

Our contest is open to area grade 8 students to encourage research into the lives of women in science, math, and technology fields who have made significant contributions.

Your entry is due by Wednesday, January 8, 2020.  Winners will be contacted and a $50.00 cash prize will be awarded at our January 25 meeting, held on a Saturday.  Authors, families, and teachers will be invited; a group picture will be taken to use in the local newspaper.


  • Research one woman’s contribution to the field of science, math, or technology
  • 1000 words maximum in paragraph form
  • typewritten in 12 point Times or Helvetic
  • 2 reliable sources minimum listed at the end of the paper; no Wikipedia accepted

Essays will be evaluated by content, form, and quality of sources.

Proofread using the Cover Page Check List form, and send the cover page with your essay, either electronically or by mail.

Your own words are important, so avoid copying the wording of the sources.